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First Multiplier event in Italy for 2Good2Go

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by Manuella Walker for the FTS team

Fresh from its first multiplier event held on June 4th in Lucca, within the Skillman TVET Alliance Summit 2024, Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile (FTS) has  once again seen its efforts in the 2Good2Go project rewarded. WiIth an exceptional host, Giovanni Crisonà, founder of the Skillman network, and an international audience of top representatives from the field of higher education and vocational training, FTS described the project from the initial idea throughout its development as a KA220 VET and complete implementation.

                An important aspect that was stressed during the project presentation was the economic and manufacturing setting in which FTS operated. Tuscany is one of the wealthiest regions of Italy and boasts several productive areas, including textile, fashion and leather manufacturing, paper, marble, minerals industries, pharmaceutical research and development, farming and agriculture (wine, olive oil, cheese, cured meats), craftmanship (terracotta, gold, wood) and not least tourism.  Indeed, it was with this background that FTS has grown over the years creating contacts with SMEs, start-ups and enterprises of all kind, weaving a web of relationships with people covering key roles in those activities. For the 2Good2Go project, FTS was able to rely on a large network of stakeholders in the manufacturing world of central Tuscany with whom they could assess the general interest to embracing a waste-free economy, surveying their feelings on sustainability, and their level of commitment to act in that direction. Throughout the 30 months of the project, FTS was able to collect numerous business cases and collect a large amount of qualitative and quantitative information (thanks also to the collaboration of local associations such as the CNA of Pisa) that then helped the partners of 2Good2Go to develop a competencies framework, assessment templates on circularity, and educational material.

                In the occasion for the multiplier event, FTS chose to have participants have a in person experience of their territory, taking them to visit two flagship realities such as Conceria Antiba, a tannery which supplies processed leather to fashion luxury houses, and Piaggio, the world renown scooter factory, and a pasta factory, Antico Pastificio Morelli, where the delegation had the opportunity to enjoy a traditional pasta-based meal.

The day closed with stimulating conversations for further activities in the future based on the 2GOOD2Go initiative and sharing of the educational materials: the participants expressed considerable interest in the results of the project, in particular the MOOC which will be integrated into various training courses already provided by some of the organizations that attended the event as guests. In general, the topic of environmental sustainability and related business practices has aroused considerable interest and further project proposals in this sense have already been put forward, like such as the organization of a specific panel on the occasion of the next edition of the SkillMAN International Forum (SIF).

Here you can find links to the main resources presented and used during the meeting:

The FTS delegation was represented by the energetic and experienced team leader, Carla Sabatini, Carlo Panchetti assigned to PR and networking, and Manuella Walker project content writer. Many thanks go to Giovanni Crisonà, who gave FTS the opportunity to share its project results within the yearly Skillman Summit.