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Waste Free Economy

Transformation for SMEs

To introduce waste free economy models into SMEs and everyday lives to contribute effectively to the sustainability transition

Encourage SME leaders to start waste free economy transformation process

Developing waste free economy policies and action plans for the implementation of the transformation process and setting examples for other SME

Encourage SME leaders and project partners to become sustainability change agents

Defining competencies necessary for a successful transition of SMEs to the waste free economy

Adapt training for skills in sustainable development to SME needs

Supporting VET providers with training materials, best practice examples, and tools to adapt the training for skills in sustainable development to SME needs (1)

Circular Economy

What is Waste Free Economy?

The circular economy is a closed-loop system focused on eliminating waste by reusing, recycling, and refurbishing of equipment, products, machinery, and infrastructure for a longer duration. The circular economy is a framework of three principles: 

  • eliminate waste and pollution
  • keep products and materials in use
  • regenerate natural system

Why 2Good2Go

Innovative Approach and Experienced Team

Project Results

Success Stories

Compendium of success stories from SMEs focused on waste free economy transformation

Policies & Action Plans

Step-by-Step Policies Portfolio and Action Plans for introducing waste free economy model

Competence Model

Competence model for new jobs required by SMEs for waste free economy transformation

Learning Platform

Learning resources to support SMEs for successful waste free economy transition

"Let’s Not Waste” Workshop

Workshop will be organised to encourage the transnational knowledge exchange within the partnership and to support the adoption of the waste free economy model and change implementation in partner organisations

6 National Infodays

National infodays will be organised in Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Lithuania, for promoting success stories, the waste free economy transformation process, the newly defined competencies and educational modules

Project Partners