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TIP 2 – Methodological references for circular economy

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The project “Too Good To Go – Waste Free Economy Transformation for SMEs” (2Good2Go) has introduced a working approach for the implementation of an Action Plan for improving the circular practices in SMEs, considering the following certification has significant methodological references:

  • ISO 9001
  • BS 8001
  • AFNOR XP X30-901
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental management systems – Requirements and guidance for use
  • ISO 50001 – Energy management systems – Requirements and guidelines for use
  • Carbon Footprint / Product and/or organization carbon footprint (14064 and 14067)
  • LCA – Life Cycle Assessment considering the standards:
    • ISO 14040 – Environmental management – Life cycle assessment – Principles and framework
    • ISO 14044 – Environmental management – Life cycle assessment – Requirements and guidelines
    • EMAS (Reg. 1221/2009)
    • Ecolabel (Reg. 61/2010)
  • EPD: Environmental Product Declaration (EPD® – Environmental Product Declaration)

Moreover, in order to strongly contribute to promoting the development of the circular economy, in 2018, the International Organization for Standardization ISO established a standard technical committee on the ISO circular economy ISO/TC 323. General objective to strengthen and promote activities for sustainable development. This technical committee is working on developing standards related to requirements, frameworks, guidelines and supporting tools for the promotion of the circular economy. 

Currently, there are 6 drafts under construction: ISO/WD 59004, Circular economy – Framework and principles for implementation; ISO/WD 59010, Circular economy – Guidelines on business models and value chains; ISO/WD 59020.2, Circular economy – Measuring circularity framework; ISO/CD TR 59031, Circular economy – Performance-based approach – Analysis of cases studies; ISO/DTR 59032.2, Circular economy – Review of business model implementation; ISO/AWI 59040, Circular Economy – Product Circularity Data Sheet.