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FTS renews its presence at the Skillman International Forum through the “2Good2Go” project

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As part of the seventh edition of SIF (Skillman International Forum), Fondazione Toscana Sostenibile collaborates with ProXpert and Real Time to propose a workshop dedicated to the ecological transition of SMEs.

On November 23rd, project partner FTS will be present in Cagliari, during SIF 2022, to conduct a workshop based on the goals of the Erasmus+ “2Good2Go” project. FTS representatives Carla Sabatini and Sergio Brunetti, together with British partners of Real Time and Romanian partner from ProXpert, were invited by Giovanni Crisonà, president of Skillman and organizer of the event, to take part in the new edition of the Forum. SIF is an annual event that involves speakers from all around the world and proposes to redefine the future of learning in the advanced manufacturing sector. This year the Forum was organised in partnership with the European Training Foundation, the Asian Development Bank and the Regional Programming Centre of the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, and is driven by a fundamental question: In light of the impact of the pandemic and international conflicts, is it possible for educators to embrace the utopia of changing societies?

Considering the social and environmental changes of a rapidly changing world, the workshop proposed by FTS and partners aims to stimulate reflection on the necessary skills that SMEs need to possess to be able to carry out a successful ecological transition. The workshop activity will be carried out thanks to the competences FTS is acquiring within “2Good2Go – Waste Free Economy Transformation for SMEs”, a European project which started from PAIZ’s interest in ecological behaviour models; this ongoing Erasmus+ project aims to raise awareness and support SMEs in adopting circular economy standards and methods. The workshop will revolve around analysing, cataloguing, and working on the skills SMEs leaders need to put into action an effective transition to eco-innovation models.

FTS had already participated in the last edition of the SIF, carrying out a workshop in collaboration with the European project “2VIP”, which aims to stimulate the civic participation of young people through non-formal educational methods.

To register for the workshop and for more information about the Forum, please visit