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CO2 emissions from cars decrease in the European Union

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Data from the European Environment Agency show that machines in the EU are increasingly green.
On September 26th, the European Environment Agency published the latest data on mobility within the European Union, Norway, Iceland, and the United Kingdom, emphasizing how the average emissions of CO2 from the new cars registered in 2020 have dropped by 12% compared to the previous year.

This figure is mainly due to the increase in electric vehicles. Despite the difficulties in the automotive market due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the total number of new electric vehicles has exceeded one million, tripling compared to 2019.

This demonstrates the effectiveness of the recent introduction of more ambitious targets in terms of CO2 emission, which concern the European automotive market. It also demonstrates the effect of the measures implemented by the individual Member States, which encourage the use of zero-impact vehicles and investment in charging infrastructure.

Finally, it also demonstrates how actions at the local level are complementary to European measures and how they are necessary to ensure an effective transition to a more sustainable future. The Too Good To Go project was born with this aim in mind: to make a local contribution to the ecological transition.